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final site under development
Welcome to SOLVSTER                                                                                                                     


Ideas to Products
Preparing for launch
In a few weeks SOLVSTER will be ready to connect companies with their consumers to directly co-develop ideas for new products, services and brands.

SOLVSTER will help companies to increase their product successrate by getting the fuzzy out of the front-end in new product development. Consumers will be able to directly give them trends and product ideas that they would buy.

In return our SOLVSTER  users will receive awards for their ideas and for sharing what they think about the ideas.

Welcome to the first Members on Solvster!
During the last days the first 50 members pre-registered with Solvster. In our eyes they are true innovation heros.

They already know that o
n Solvster everything will be around IDEAS, PRODUCTS and SHELLS. Yes, SHELLS will be your virtual currency on our virtual markets.

You will have multiple opportunities to get SHELLS - today we want to give you some and say "Thank you - for your pre-registration". We will credit for you extra 1.000 SHELLS upon your registration on our final platform, should you pre-register today.

Getting ready!
June 08, 2009

Solvster is officially founded. Since May we are a registered LTD, working to complete all legal steps to get ready. Many different people have been helping us to get to here - we are more than grateful!

In the coming two month we will work hard to complete the final web site to actually launch our business. We have been encouraged by so many people about the service we will provide - so let us briefly share with you what's going to come.
The SOLVSTER Solution enables companies to identify high-potential new products – in just three steps!

More details to come at launch!